I Can Not Give My Children Christmas Gifts And I Won't Apologize for This

Christmas in our house is much like Christmas in most homes. We've got a tree, decorations, and textures on our mantle. But under our shrub there are no heaps of xmas gift suggestions. There are no need lists made for Santa. There are no closets full of wrapping paper and bows, and no gifts concealed where my kids will not find them. That is appropriate. I actually don't provide my children Christmas gift ideas.

Other moms have phoned me a terrible parent.

Many people even tell me it has abuse to never give my children Christmas gifts.

But within my house Christmas is all about family time, celebrating our blessings, and getting thankful. It isn't about wanting a heap of new toys that are pricey.

One Donation For Our Complete FamilyMy special holiday treats are just one of my family's favorite elements of Christmas.

We do capture one family gift every year. In the past, our family gift has been matters like a vacation, games console gaming system, or brand new, fancy TV. But your family gift is definitely something for the entire family to enjoy together. Nobody gets human presents. When my children were younger, they would get candy, small toys, and also other things inside their Christmas stockings. But rather than giving individual gifts, we give attention to spending some time as a family. We provide at charity drives and we go caroling. We consistently visit pick out a Christmas tree for a family group. And Christmas break fast is a time honored tradition where we all like a fancy joyous breakfast in our PJs. Since we aren't opening gifts in the morning, we see a vacation picture while feasting on special holiday treats thatI simply make annually.

Why I Don't Buy Individual Gift Ideas

I do not give my kids Christmas gift ideas because I actually don't need them to be greedy. They shouldn't grow up thinking they are eligible for lavish and costly presents once a year. I actually don't want my children to feel as though they ought to become good all year to get rewarded with gift suggestions to christmas, either. They ought to be good on a regular basis as it's the right thing to do, not because they truly are awaiting a costly reward. I would like them to appreciate christmas for the full time that they get to spend with their family, not the number of presents under the tree. The real meaning of holiday time is being thankful for all that you have, not hoping to see how much more you can get. One way to do that is to create something together, as a family or group.

One of my own favorite DIY creations is the gorgeous holiday superstar.

I realize that really is contentious, particularly in this time. But my kids want for nothing. They have smartphones and laptops, plus I give them fresh clothes if they want them. Idon't wait around until Christmas rolls around to give them gifts. They get what they need, and usually they receive what they need, simply as it's part of life. Not as a reward for being good, and never in"Santa Claus." Inside our home, christmas time is special because of who we spend it with.

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